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about us

2014-04-25 14:03:20


Brand Profile

Insisting that “ six-star quality, players” for our objective and “customer is supreme, quality first” for our philosophy, 6STARHOBBY is striving to be “strength-based, service-oriented, model-based” brand, supplying the optimal gas powered airplane parts and providing “ six-star brand, six-star quality and professional service” for model players.


6STARHOBBY, striving to provide "six-star quality and service" for model players, 6STARHOBBY anufactures the warmly-welcomed gas powered airplane parts, such as wooden propeller, fuel dot, fuel plug, fuel filter, servo arm, servo extension cable, switch etc.


There are wooden propeller, fuel dot, fuel plug, fuel filter, switch, servo arm, servo extension cable etc. Relying on price and quality advantage, 6star has been warmly welcomed by most of players. Now we recruit dealers throughout the world.


Consist of English letters and figures, 6star logo has embodied the modernization, sporty of remote control high-tech sports and also confirmed to its brand positioning.




Brand Culture

 Remote control is a high-tech sport, covering the Aerodynamics, Mechanics, Radiotelemetry three fields. People will master rich knowledge and enjoy the fun from do-it-yourself when playing.

As a science popularization activity, remote control sport can help to foster ability of thinking, observation, endurance, perseverance and enhance confidence for teenagers.

-Prospect of 6STARHOBBY:  Make more people enjoy happiness and thrill from remote control

-Mission of 6STARHOBBY:  Improve life quality, create social value

-Value of 6star:

Enjoy entertainment from do-it-yourself

Learn and grow up from challenge and change

Quality First, Service Supreme


1. Beech Wooden Propeller ( Imported)

(1) Advantages for beech:  good quality, elegant grain, high rigidity.

6star wooden propellers not only have the above good points, but also own “CNC precisely processing, good dynamic balance and stable high speed” characteristics.

(2) Specification: 16*7(for example), 16 stand for the circle diameter of prop rotating, 7 means pitch, and the unit is inch.


  (3) Relation between Wooden Propeller and Gasoline Engine (see as follows)




2. Fuel Dot

Fuel dot is an essential accessory for fuel tank, used to prevent the fuel from leaking.

Fuel tank has the following three aluminum tubes: inlet tube (refuel by fuel pump), outlet tube (connecting to carburetor), pressure inlet tube (connecting to exhaust pipe)







Usually, we refuel the gasoline airplanes by transferring the fuel from fuel bucket from fuel tank. Here are two refueling ways for airplanes:

(1). Hand Fuel Pump: one fuel nozzle for connecting the fuel inlet tube of fuel tank, another fuel nozzle for connecting fuel line to absorbing fuel from fuel bucket by rocking the pump

(2). Electric Fuel Pump: the operation principle is the same with hand fuel pump, the difference is motor is added in the pump and powered up by storage battery.





3. Switch/ Switch with fuel dot

(1). 6star switches use 22AWG heavy duty twisted wire with high anti-jamming capability to prevent the signal of receiver or other electronic equipments from being interfered.

(2). Two Switches: One for connecting and disconnecting the receiver circuit, another one for connecting and disconnecting the CDI circuit. 

(3). Two plugs compatible with JR and FUTABA:  One for connecting with receiver battery, another one for connecting with the CDI battery to supply power without opening the canopy.




(4). One fuel dot with fuel filler can be used to fill oil in the fuel tank without opening the canopy.